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Exfoliating Body Mitt Bundle

our best selling bundle of both exfoliating body mitts

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"Amazing, work so well! Xx
I love this exfoliating glove as it not only removes dead skin but gets rid of old tan in seconds!! Having a hot shower and using this glove melts your tan off so effortlessly which I love as I am a big fake tan fan! Love this 😍"

– Mikayla D.

"Incredible. This is seriously the best exfoliating mitt I’ve ever used! I use it just once a week and my skin is so smooth it’s not even funny! I have struggled with really bad KP on my arms for so long and after only a month it’s practically gone! I seriously couldn’t recommend this exfoliating mitt more"

– Georgie P.

"Best thing I’ve invested in!
I've always struggled with KP on my arms. No creams would work. I saw Folia Body on Insta so tried it out. WOW I've used it for 4 weeks and the results are amazing. Highly Recommend."

– Chloe L.

"I purchase the silk mitt for myself and family. I honestly love it. After using for the last 3 weeks my legs have never felt or looked so smooth."

– Harmony H.

"Just Amazing
Absolutely Love this exfoliating mitt
After using it I have softer, smoother skin. Just love it, great product that I am happy to recommend"

– Jasmine H.

This product has completely changed the tanning game. no longer are the days of wasting litres of body wash to scrub off an old tan, this mit does it all !!!! So easy, so quick and so simple!"

– Grace L.

"This mitt is magic. After only 2 uses my skin felt so much softer and smoother. Thank you girls."

– Jane L.