Gently exfoliates delicate facial skin for a smooth, refined texture.

Silk Exfoliating Face Mitt


Benefits of Using Our Silk Exfoliating Face Mitt

Gently renews and refreshes skinSafe for sensitive and acne-prone skinEnhances skin brightness and freshnessHelps control oil and breakoutsClears and decongests pores
Clearer, Radiant Skin in 30 Days or Get Your Money Back

Glowing Skin is Always In: Experience Radiance Redefined with your Silk Exfoliating Face Mitt

Meet the Silk Exfoliating Face Mitt, your new go-to companion for achieving a brighter, fresher, and healthier complexion. Created from pure silk, this hypoallergenic mitt is carefully handcrafted in Turkey, offering an exfoliation experience that’s both gentle and effective, even for sensitive and acne-prone skin. Ditch the cheap, synthetic alternatives and step up your skincare game with our Silk Exfoliating Face Mitt. By diligently removing dead skin cells, this mitt helps balance oil production, decongest pores, and illuminate your face with a natural glow. Perfectly safe and remarkably reliable, it’s recommended for use once or twice a week, with a refreshing replacement every 3-4 months to uphold hygiene and effectiveness.

✓ Nourish & Renew Your Facial Skin: The Silk Exfoliating Face Mitt gently scrubs away dead skin cells, revealing fresh, renewed skin underneath.

✓ Gently Exfoliate Sensitive & Acne-Prone Skin: Our mitt is carefully designed to offer a gentle exfoliation experience, making it a perfect choice for sensitive and acne-prone skin.

✓ Achieve a Brighter, Fresher Complexion: With regular use, our mitt will help unveil a fresher, brighter complexion you’ll absolutely love.

✓ Balance Oil Production & Breakouts: By promoting balanced exfoliation, the Silk Exfoliating Face Mitt aids in balancing oil production and minimizing breakouts.

✓ Decongest Pores for Clearer Skin: Our mitt works effectively to unclog pores, leaving your skin looking clearer and healthier.

The Silk Exfoliating Face Mitt is a game-changer in the world of exfoliation. Unlike harsh synthetic options, it delivers a gentle yet highly effective exfoliation experience. It's a lifesaver for sensitive and acne-prone skin, harmonizing oil production, amplifying skin brightness, and clearing congested pores. It's more than just an exfoliating tool; it's your pathway to a fresher, healthier complexion that radiates from within.

Soak: Start by softening your face and the Silk Exfoliating Face Mitt with warm water.

Scrub: Ever so gently, massage your face in small circular motions. Commence from the center of your face, gradually moving outward towards the edges.

Splash: Rinse your face and apply your favourite moisturiser. For an optimal glowing complexion, incorporate this ritual into your skincare routine once or twice a week.

Seamlessly weave the Silk Exfoliating Face Mitt into your existing skincare routine. Use it once or twice a week, ideally after your cleansing process. This timing allows it to work its magic, clearing away dead skin cells, and setting the stage for your toner, serum, or moisturizer. It's the crucial first step in supercharging your skincare regimen and unlocking maximum benefits from the products that follow.

After each exfoliation session, cleanse the mitt thoroughly under warm running water. Avoid wringing it out; instead, gently press to remove any excess water. Allow your mitt to air dry naturally in a well-ventilated space. To preserve the superior quality of your mitt and maintain its exfoliating prowess, we recommend renewing it every 3-4 months.

Avoid using detergents, soap, or bleach, as this will damage the material.

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Enhance Your Glow: Essential Tips for Using Your Silk Exfoliating Face Mitt

Exfoliate After Cleansing:

Always cleanse your face thoroughly before using the Silk Exfoliating Face Mitt. By eliminating any makeup and impurities first, the mitt can better perform its job of sloughing off dead skin cells, revealing fresher, brighter skin underneath.

Gentle, Circular Motions:

Be gentle when using the Silk Exfoliating Face Mitt on your skin. It's made with pure silk fibers, which are naturally gentle, but firm pressure is not needed to exfoliate effectively. Use circular motions to lift away dead skin cells without causing unnecessary irritation.

Pay Attention to Problem Areas:

Some areas of your face may need a little extra attention. If you have blackheads or clogged pores around your nose or chin, spend a bit more time exfoliating these areas.

Follow With Hydration:

After using the Silk Exfoliating Face Mitt, your skin will be primed for better absorption of your skincare products. Make sure to follow up with a hydrating serum or moisturiser to replenish moisture and help soothe the skin.


We answer your most asked questions about our Silk Exfoliating Face Mitt

Our Silk Exfoliating Face Mitt is specifically designed to be gentle on your skin. Its pure silk composition offers a softer, hypoallergenic approach to exfoliation, making it ideal even for sensitive skin.

Not all exfoliating gloves are created equal. Our Silk Exfoliating Face Mitt is handcrafted from pure silk, a far cry from the synthetic alternatives. It provides a safe, effective exfoliation, targeting dead skin cells while being gentle on your skin.

Just like a toothbrush, skincare tools also need replacing for hygiene purposes and to maintain effectiveness. After 3-4 months of regular use, it's best to get a new mitt to ensure you're still getting optimal exfoliation.

After using the Silk Exfoliating Face Mitt, your skin will be primed for better absorption of your skincare products. Make sure to follow up with a hydrating serum or moisturiser to replenish moisture and help soothe the skin.

You can easily incorporate the Silk Exfoliating Face Mitt into your routine. Use it after cleansing your face and before applying toner or serum. It helps prepare your skin for the rest of your skincare regimen.