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Silky Smooth Skin,


Visibly sheds and peels away your dead skin and impurities with the benefit of a deep exfoliating body treatment for all skin types.

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What Our Customers Say

"LIFECHANGING! This product has completely changed the tanning game. no longer are the days of wasting litres of body wash to scrub off an old tan, this mitt does it all !!!! So easy, so quick and so simple!"

Grace L.

Verified Buyer

"love! The best fake tan removal mitt I have ever used. Took my tan off super fast and left my legs feeling so smooth."

Georgia H.

Verified Buyer

"Treated KP. I was skeptical on how a mitt would be able to help with KP but let me tell you this this mitt is amazing. After 1 month i started to see visible results. I highly recommend for treating KP."

Jane. L.

Verified Buyer

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(use for up to 8-12 weeks)

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Classic Silk Exfoliating Body Mitt

You'll be forever grateful you've made our deep exfoliating, classic silk mitt a staple in your skincare routine. Visibly sheds and peels away your dead skin and impurities with the benefit of a deep exfoliating body treatment for all skin types.



3 Reviews

Tan Removal Exfoliating Body Mitt

You'll be forever grateful our tan removal exfoliating silk mitt became a staple in your tanning and skincare routine. Visibly sheds and peels away your dead skin and impurities with the benefit of a deep exfoliating body treatment for all skin types.



How Folia Body helps you...

Folia is all about that natural skin glow while providing a rewarding experience in the comfort of your home. Skin first, always. Instead of covering up skin issues we believe that its best to treat the root cause while embracing real skin. Crafted with a secret weaving method, will bring you visible results, helping you embrace your real skin. Our mission is to only provide products that are natural, time-efficient, effective and provide real results. 

100% natural and cruelty free, our range of deep exfoliating mitts deeply purify and renew the skin through visible peeling of dead skin cells in under 60 seconds. 

What Our Customers Say

"Best thing I’ve invested in! I've always struggled with KP on my arms. No creams would work. I saw Folia Body on Insta so tried it out. WOW I've used it for 4 weeks and the results are amazing. Highly Recommend."

Chloe L.

Verified Buyer

"Just Amazing Absolutely Love this exfoliating mitt After using it I have softer, smoother skin Just love it, great product that I am happy to recommend."

Jasmine H.

Verified Buyer

"Incredible This is seriously the best exfoliating mitt I’ve ever used! I use it just once a week and my skin is so smooth it’s not even funny! I have struggled with really bad KP on my arms for so long and after only a month it’s practically gone! I seriously couldn’t recommend this exfoliating mitt more!"

Georgie P.

Verified Buyer

How to use



Soak your body for 5-10 minutes in a warm shower/bath to soften your skin. Remove your body from the water and ensure your skin is damp. Wet the mitt and squeeze out excess water.



Place your hand in the mitt and firmly massage your skin in circular motions upwards and downwards until the desired outcome is achieved.



Wash off any remaining dirt and dead skin. Rinse the mitt and squeeze out excess water. Do not use any soaps or detergents, then hang to air dry.

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See below for our most frequently asked questions. If you don't see your answer or just want to say hello, send us an email at support@foliabody.com. Our friendly support team will be happy to help you!

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Nope, all you need is water!

Folia Body's Exfoliating Mitts are produced with Turkish silk to help look after your skin and will last 8-12 weeks, whereas, the cheaper mitts you might find at a supermarket only last a handful of times and include plastics which could potentially affect your skin.

It can but it is less efficient, so if you are removing fake tan, we recommend using the Tan Removal Exfoliating Mitt!

It depends how often you are removing fake tan, or exfoliating your skin, however, you can expect your exfoliating mitt to last between 8-12 weeks.


We are obsessed with your satisfaction and stand behind the quality of our products. That's why your order is secured with our Money Back Guarantee.

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